The initial consultation is a two part process as follows:

The Initial Consultation- 90 minutes


Questions! Questions! And more Questions! Who are you and what have you been eating? What did you eat as a child?

The goal of this session is to determine if we are a good fit and collect as much information as possible to build your unique program. We will do this by looking at your current eating lifestyle and culture using a 3-day Food Journal and an online Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. We will also review your health history, including current supplementation, possible food allergies, and talk about what you hope to get out of our time together.

The Functional Evaluation- 90 minutes


This is a comprehensive evaluation involving nutritional reflex points, neurovascular reflex points, and neuro-lymphatic reflex points to gather more information about your current health status. This also involves lingual-neuro testing these reflex points allowing us to fine-tune your nutrient recommendations.

This service is only offered to local clients.


The payment of these services goes towards payment of the full program.